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For those of you who have not purchased from me before, or do not know me, my name is Berni. (No it is not a spelling error. It is spelt like this, without the E, after the old restaurant chain 'Berni Inns', if you are old enough to remember!!). I will try not to bore you too much about myself so I will keep it very short. As I am getting a little older now (shame!!) and have a little more time on my hands, I decided to take my autograph collecting onto a more serious level, this led to attending more charity dinners, bona fied auctions and autograph shows etc. Back in 2004 I created Has-Been-Signed Memorabilia and started selling some of my autographs through ebay in 2005. My private collection and inventory has now become large enough to maintain an on going supply of varied autographs to all types of collectors.

Has-Been-Signed Memorabilia - Are  A.F.T.A.L. Approved, dealer  # AD070 and UACC Authorised Dealers RD316. We are a friendly, reliable customer service based provider of quality value for money signed memorabilia, all backed by a lifetime guarantee of 100% authenticity. All our autographs are original signatures obtained from private verified collections, in person or from selected bona fied autograph dealers. I maintain a varied inventory including sport, tv/film and theatre etc.

From now on each item we sell at Has-Been-Signed Memorabilia is tagged with our tamper proof official COA (certificate of authenticity), assigned a 7 digit security code and then linked with the buyers surname. You can then enter both sets of details into our database at anytime to view the item you have purchased.You are able to buy in complete confidence knowing that you have purchased 100% authentic autographs.

Please remember hundreds of fake items are sold to unsuspecting collectors every day. AFTAL & UACC are working hard to ensure that the Police and Trading Standards are aware of who the forgers are behind the fakes so action can be taken.

Choose your seller wisely, imagine spending good money on an autograph only to find out it is fake and worth no more than the paper it is printed on. Even if you do not purchase from Has-Been-Signed Memorabilia please buy your autographs from competent and qualified authorised dealers.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information and if you have a wish list or do not see the autograph you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact me.

Has-Been-Signed Memorabilia.

Mr B J Greenhalgh,16 Southbourne Close, Pinner Middx, HA55BA U.K.

Mobile 07832-264326, Telephone & Fax # 02088682659