Q - Who and what are AFTAL

A - The "Autograph Fair Trade Association Limited" (AFTAL) is a non-profit making body run for the benefit of its members and the general public, with a view to ensuring that the members can be relied upon to be trustworthy and duly qualified to perform their respective duties.

AFTAL are working together with the Police, Trading Standards, and Customs and Revenue officers to monitor and help stamp out the ever-growing problem of non-authentic signed memorabilia being sold and distributed throughout the UK.

Q - What is the reason for most of your items not being framed.

A - Most of our items are sold without frames to reduce your shipping cost and to allow you to choose the colour and design of your choice. All 11x14/14x11/12x16/16x12" displays will normally fit into most standard shop purchased picture frames.

Q - What forms of payment do you accept.

A - we are happy to accept personal cheques and postal orders, although we do need to allow time for them to clear. Credit and debit cards are accepted via PayPal (secure payment site).

Q - Can you give me some advice on authenticity.

A - When looking for authentic signed items, I recommend that you always search out established dealers that are well known within the business, and not just known for selling on eBay! There are a number of associations or clubs that dealers can join, but AFTAL & UACC dealer programme are the only organisation that has a strict initial vetting procedure. AFTAL have an online complaints form, a compulsory full day autograph course for all new dealer members, an email newsletter to ensure that its members are aware of any new forgers etc, and a complete list of its dealers with contact details on the website.

Choose your seller wisely, imagine spending good money on an autograph only to find out it is fake and worth no more than the paper it is printed on.  Please DO NOT accept a COA as absolute proof that an item is authentic. A COA is only as good as the person who issued it. Always remember that an item is either genuine or not, and no amount of COA or similar will ever make a fake item genuine.

Q - Who and what are UACC.

A UACC - The Universal Autograph Collector's Club, Inc. is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the education of the autograph collector. Founded in 1965 by a Long Island group of collectors, the UACC has grown and developed into one of the premier collector's organisations in the world.

Q - What is the difference between a UACC member and a UACC DEALER.

A -  Any collector can join the UACC as a member but they are not recognised by to sell autographs. Those companies in the UACC Registered Dealer program have submitted an extensive application along with written references to become one of their approved dealers. UACC policy is to recommend only these dealers to inquiries from collectors. These approved dealers are found on the UACC website with all contact details and are continuously being monitored.